The policy of web cookie use

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About cookies

Cookies are small text files that download to your computer during browsing. The web page uses them to remember information about your visit – for example your language and other settings. Your next visit of the web page can because of that be more useful and easier. Cookies have an important task. Web use without them would be significantly less enjoyable. Some cookies are mandatory for correct operation of the website. They don't contain any personal or other information, that could be used for identification of the user so we suggest that you allow their usage.

Cookie management in browser

Most of the web browsers automatically accept cookies. The validity of cookies may be short or long-term – after they expire the browser automatically deletes them. The user can manually delete all or just certain cookies in the browser or can completely disable their use. Instructions for deleting cookies or disabling can be found in the help centre of your prefered web browser. If you completely disable cookie usage, some websites might not work correctly.